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People often ask us why we quit our 'day' jobs to become "Professional Witches".  There are many good answers to that question, but our mission statement sums it up well.

When we began to do spiritual work professionally, we had one clear goal in mind:  To bring our clients and customers happiness, relief, hope and the confidence to pursue their dreams.

The answer to the above question is simple.  YOU are the reason we do this~!  YOUR happiness brings US happiness. 

We pride ourselves on being leaders in the field of witchcraft, and look forward to changing the landscape of the occult industry in a positive way~!

Love and Light To All and BLESSED BE!

Braven and Danielin February 


Who We Are...

Braven and Danielin February reside in Texas, yet help others worldwide.  They help clients and practitioners alike in achieving their goals through visualization, meditation, and the focus it takes to manifest their desires! ATBB has performed spiritual work for Celebrities, Pro Athletes, and other Public Figures. This goes to show that the Universe does Not Discriminate when it comes to people's wants and needs. We are all connected through our thoughts and actions. Strive to do your best in life and the Universe Will Listen! 


The Grand Opening of our Etsy shop began back on April 24, 2020.  Before we knew it we had sold over 800 products within 4 months.

This placed us in the TOP
6% of all stores on! 

Braven and Danielin are working on writing their book called:

"The Logical Witch: A Modern Day Perspective on Witchcraft, the Universe, and Why All Things Are Possible"

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Braven and Danielin February are proud members of the American Root Work Association (ARA). The mission of the American Root Work Association (ARA) shall be to stimulate, strengthen, advance and promote the study of American root work, as well as indigenous scholarship and the professional interests of African American and indigenous anthropologists in the U.S. and around the world.

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