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Danielin and Braven February
Houston, Texas, United States
Whatsapp # 1-346-369-9437


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Behind the Scenes

Danielin was born and raised in Louisiana until the age of 10.  Currently residing in Houston, Texas she is dedicated and true to her Louisiana roots with her style of southern conjure.   Her clients love that she is there for them when they need her, offering them the same courtesy that she would give her own friends and family.

Danielin began her path as a Wiccan back in 1991, she would soon fall in love with Hoodoo...immediately beginning to learn through books, mentors, and practicing daily conjure. 

She offers her clients 10-minute free consultations to get a grasp of her potential clients' personalities along with getting to know the situation at hand,  respecting the fact that their issues are dire.  Her compassion, empathy, and professionalism along with the ability to put herself in her client's shoes has made her spell work phenomenally successful.  She also performs pro bono spells on occasion for clients in unique and unusual situations.

Her goals are to remain true to her practice, putting 110% into her spell work by giving great advice and creating an excellent customer service experience for her clients.

In the mundane world, Danielin is a freelance artist, web designer, singer and accomplished pianist.  She is a local recording artist and session singer for her husband's recording studio, being featured on several rap and hip hop artist's songs. 


Braven is a Texas native, born in the Houston area.  He is known to his friends and family as an over-achiever who tackles & succeeds at nearly every project he attempts. 

Braven enjoys doing spell work with his wife, Danielin, putting his own Wiccan twist on All Things Blessed Be by performing his "Spell Reinforcement Ritual" for clients when they are in need of a little more power behind their initial spell. 

Braven has been doing magic since 1991 as a Wiccan.  He became curious about his wife's journey into Hoodoo & Conjure that he began to create Hoodoo spells of his own, adding his own touch of the Wiccan tradition into some of those spells.

Braven is the owner of  All Things Blessed Be along side his wife, Danielin.  He is also very compassionate with clients, driven to give them the best  help that he can possibly provide. 

In the mundane world,  Braven works as the successful music producer of his own recording company & studio in Houston, Texas.  He is an accomplished musician & has played guitar and bass professionally in a successful signed band.  He has played along side bands & artists such as Machinehead, Chimaira, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Atreyu, Coal Chamber, and Sammy Hagar, Drowning Pool just to name a few.


Danielin February is a proud member of the American Rootwork Association (ARA). 
The mission of the American Rootwork Association (ARA) shall be to stimulate, strengthen, advance and promote the study of American rootwork, as well as indigenous scholarship and the professional interests of African American and indigenous anthropologists in the U.S. and around the world.