Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Spell Questions

(2.) Are There Any Spells That You Will NOT Do?

Yes, there are. There are spells I will not perform under any circumstances...I consider them our three cardinal rules of All Things Blessed Be:

(1.) Spells which intentionally cause serious bodily harm or illness to someone, or even death.
(2.) Spells which I feel are not justified.
(3.) Spells I do not feel comfortable doing.

I reserve the right to refuse a spell if any of these three reasons apply. Thank you for understanding.

(1.) My Spell Work is Finished, What Now?

It is crucial to remember that waiting for the spell to take effect can lead to many issues, and can even completely sabatoge your spell work. You cannot speed up or slow down spell work, and once we perform the work, the spell will manifest when it is ready.

If a spell worker tells you that a spell will manifest within 24 hours, they are simply lying to make a quick buck, so be very cautious of this when deciding on which spell caster to work with. We have heard some unbelieveable horror stories how others have been taken for a lot of money.

Your belief in the spell work is the highest power that it needs. I know that patience is the dirty word most of my clients don't like to hear, but patience is soooo important. Most importantly, believe in yourself and the spell work.

As talented and experienced witches, many will just glance at our site without reading any advice and/or explanations of our services by just picking up the phone or emailing us in a panicked rush. They are eager for fast-acting help, not finding the self-control to calm their minds, or focusing on their intention.

You are equally responsible for the outcome of your spell request!

By taking the positive approach to your situation, it will guarantee you to have remarkable results!

In my experience, I have had clients inform me of seeing results from a love spell (or any type of spell for that matter) within 3 days. Some say it has taken 4 to 10 days or even up to 3 weeks. It's that kind of random outcome in results which makes us stress the fact that you have to have the best approach and mindset while working with us.

"What should I avoid while waiting for your spell to take effect?"

1.) Do NOT attach your fear and negative thoughts to the outcome of your spell before it is completed. It will only contaminate the energy field shared between the both of us by not giving the end result you asked for.

2.) Understand that calling and emailing me constantely without giving a rational amount of time to pass for the magic to take effect will not make it happen faster. IT WILL ONLY TAINT THE SPELL.

3.) If you are given strict instructions by me for a powerful custom spell to work, then you need to follow through with all that YOU were asked to do. I promise the end results you will see is what you will get. You have to be honest...sincere in your heart if you want to get what you paid for.

I believe with 100% faith that you will not only get the results you desire, but you deserve it and it's already yours! I encourage you to contact me for a consultation with your questions about my spell casting, and any other questions you may have before making your purchase. You deserve whatever you truly want ifi you are ready for it. I can be the portal to make it happen for you! Blessed be to everyone.... Danielin February

(3.) Why Did My Spell Not Work?

There can be several reasons for your spell not to work at all. Doubt is one of them. If you are anxious and are thinking "What if my spell doesn't work?" "Will my spell work?" "What is going to happen?", then there is a big chance your spell will not work. During and after your spell is cast, you MUST remain calm, positive, and go on with life as if it were any other day.

If doubt does creep into your head, take a peice of paper and write "I will have what I want" or "I have _____" so many times that you finally believe it...or just repeat those words out loud. We use what would be called the "positive present tense. Do not wish, do not wonder if it will work....KNOW it will.

KNOW that your man will come back to you, KNOW that you will make $800.00 for that bill you need to pay with the late fee attached. KNOW that love will come your way. Know that you already have it, just hasn't manifested as of yet! You MUST keep this frame of mind after your spell work is finished, or else your outcome will be null and void.

There are those who are resistent to spell work. Meaning that the spell won't work on them at they have some type of glass bubble around them and the spell just won't penetrate so that it can do its job.

In some instances the spell wasn't supposed to manifest at all. For example if you have tried countless spells to try and get your exhusband back, and the spells were just not working, then you find out later that your husband was a closet homosexual.. There is no spell to turn someone from a homosexual to a heterosexual....and vice versa. YOU CANNOT CHANGE SOMEONE'S PERSONALITY WITH SPELL WORK!

Purchasing a Spell

Can I Pay You After My Spell Is Fullfilled?

Planning, Creating, and Performing a custom spell takes much dedication and committment along with a lot of energy and power. There is no such thing as "Pay After". Also, we will need your spell payment in order to purchase your spell items. There is a lot of very hard work that goes into spell work. We do not have a Buy-After-You-Try policy.

How Do I Go About Getting A Refund?

We do not offer refunds. Spellwork is a service: actual work. There are no guarantees for anything. Lawyers cannot guarantee that their client will be acquitted or found innocent. Same with spell work. Not to sound cliche, but even life isn't guaranteed.

I Can't Afford To Purchase A Spell, Could You Perform a Free of Charge?

No. I offer many free things on my site, free spell, tips, and one-on-one advice on how to produce these spells along with a FREE Consultation.

I always encourage those who visit the site to perform their own spells from using our educational materials posted all over the blog.

I have had few people approach me to say that I am wrong to charge for my spells, and that the universe would bless me if I did their spells free for them. Pretend that I am a lawyer. Lawyers get paid anywhere from $100 to $1000 an hour for a consultation, and most require a large retainer to ensure that they get paid prior to services rendered. Fortunately, I do not charge for my consultations or to briefly speak to others via DM, IM, Email, or Text. We will soon be charging phone call rates to speak one on one with us only due to the fact that we sometimes are talking to several different clients at once. I'm talking anywhere from 3 to 12 people we juggle for consultations, advising, and/or spell coaching. Average time spent on the phone speaking to each client ranges from 2 hours to 20 hours or more weekly, hence our upcoming phone call rates.

What Is The Process of Purchasing a Spell?

1. You may contact us 24/7 to book your free consultation either by DM, IM, text, or email. We will then schedule your consultation time to begin within 48 hours from the time you contact us (if we cannot do a consultation on the spot). Most times we schedule consultation appointments for the same day or following day.

2. During your consultation, we will ask specific questions to get to the bottom of why you contacted us for spell work...this is necessary so that we can get into the correct frame of mind with your specific intention to manifest your spell successfully. Please do not omit any information you think may help us perform your spell at the optimum level. Omitting important information could affect the outcome of your spell in a negative way.

3. We will need these items before any spell work commences:

> Full Names (including a middle name if applicable) of all persons whom spell work will be performed.
> Birthdates of all persons whom spell work will be performed.
>Photos of all persons whom spell work will be performed. A selfie or profile pic is best. We need to see the face clearly, not half of the face.

4. We will need payment as soon as possible so that you can be scheduled at the time you request. We cannot always accomodate everyone's wishes on when spell work will be done, but we do try and fit you in the earliest time necessary.

5. Discussion about your spell work will be done during your consultation or after payment has been received.


We will be using some or all of the following items during your spell work:

Novena Candles (Setting of Lights Spells)
Figure Candles (Skulls, Female, Male, Etc.)
Chime Candles (4")
Taper or Pillar Candles
Between 5 and 20 herbs
Between 5 and 20 oils
Sachet Powder for Candles
Faerie/Pixie Dust (Glitter)
Curios (Bones, Shells, etc)
Gem Stones (Amethyst, Jasper, etc.)
Athame (Small Sword Used During Our Ritual)
Graveyard Dirt (Dark Spells Only)


Afterwards, we then contact you to give you your photos and 1 minute video taken during your spell work.

Karma and Curses

What About Karma Backlash?

We know of a really bad man who went his whole life doing bad deeds and never getting caught or punished for it. Also a few years ago, an innocent little boy I personally knew died too young in a car accident. Bad things happen to good people, and there are those who go their whole lives fucking up left and right...never to face the type of karma they deserve. Karma is what you make it. In Hoodoo, it is justified to perform any type of spell as long as there is good reason for it. We're not talking about summoning demons, that's not what we do. But Reversal Spells, Bitch Be Gone Spells, Return to Sender Spells, etc. are considered dark magic although they don't physically harm someone. Keep in mind that all magic is manipulative. There is no black or white, it's all just plain ol' magic to me.

Do You Perform Curses and Hexes?

I will perform any spell as long as it does not intentionally cause death, serious boldily harm or illness to someone. If that's what you consider a curse or hex, then no, it's not something I am willing to perform. Even if it's justified, a car crash isn't something I condone. Unless someone else has done harm to you by curse or hex, there are ways around this. For instance, taking any bad luck you may have, and sending it back to that person who gave it to you.

Miscellaneous Questions

Is This a Scam?

You HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE CAUTIOUS about spiritual workers -- some of the biggest most ruthless scam artists call themselves psychics, spiritual workers, spell casters, etc. etc. These people prey on the vulnerable, depressed and broken hearted. They are the scum of the earth. We are definitely NOT one. I have a lot of people who write me about how they were scammed out of hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. It is not uncommon in the slightest.

Here are a few hints and tips to spot a scam artist and how to avoid them:

1. Don't ask the question "is this a scam?". If it is a scam you have now warned them that you are cautious and they will work harder and slicker to con you.

2. Ask if they have a business license and/or a Federal Tax ID number. If they are not willing to give you their business license number for the State they live in, don't use them. If someone has a business license they are generally a legitimate, tax-paying business. It doesn't mean they are effective or good at what they do, but at least they probably aren't out to rip out off hundreds to thousands of dollars.

3. NEVER use someone that insists that you use Western Union or other wire service to wire them cash. You can also call Western union and check to see if they know anyone about this person. If the person insists you wire them cash, DON'T USE THEM!
4. NEVER buckle into some so-called spiritual worker who THREATENS you by telling you that they are sending "evil" spirits to you or your family... or reversing the work if you don't send them more money. NO honest and credible spiritual worker would EVER, EVER threaten you!! They don't have the power to harm you in any way. Besides, most don't even perform your spell work, so why would they waste their time to curse you? And the other question is: do they even know spell work to say they will hex you?

5. Watch how much money you are spending! It should never cost thousands and thousands of dollars to accomplish something magickally. If you spend a reasonable amount of money initially, don't buy into the "I need more money because...." persuasion. True, that in some cases it may take more work than others, but NOTHING should be constantly costing you money unless you feel the need to purchase more. It should be your choice to do so, not theirs. 6. NEVER use anyone just because they seem "nice" - no one is nicer than a good con artist. Follow Your Instincts!! If it doesn't FEEL right to you, think twice about doing it. Your instincts are your best weapon against getting scammed. If you are getting that little sick, heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach when you talk to the person, don't use them!!
It is important to realize, however if any spell work from us didn't work for you doesn't mean that you were scammed. The truth is that not everything thing is going to work for everyone! Not all prayers are answered, not all surgeries are successful, not all every courtcase has a favorable outcome! That is called life. However, that does not stop us from doing our best by trying to get the most positive outcome and make the quality of our lives better through spell work. :)

Final Thoughts

I've been scammed before, why should I believe that you won't do the same?

Never use anyone just because the seem "nice" - no one is nicer than a good con artist. Follow your instincts! If it doesn't FEEL right to you, think twice about doing it. Your instincts are you best weapon against getting scammed. It is important to realize, however if any spell work from us didn't work for you doesn't mean that you were scammed. The truth is that not everything is not going to work for everyone. Not all prayers are answered, not all surgeries are successful, not every courtcase has a favorable outcome. That is called life. However, that does not stop us from doing our best by trying to get the most positive outcome and make the quality of our lives a little bit better through spell work.

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