8 Steps to Creating Your Own Spells

When I first began spell work many decades ago, I learned over time that looking through other's spells and trying to do them was not enough for me. I then realized that in order to really become the witch I craved to be, and ADVANCED witch, then I would have to really do some homework and some self-searching. Ask yourself, "What type of spells do I want to master?" "What type of spiritual work defines my beliefs and goals?" "What do I want out of life the most at this very moment in time?". Keep an open mind and remember that there are absolutely no rules in witchcraft. Forget what those other books of spells tell you...those beginning witchcraft spell books are there to learn from, not live your life by.

Here is one of All Things Blessed Be's custom spells...our "Mind Domination" we created for clients.

Relax, you've been through all the spell books out there, you've read everything you need to know...now it's time to make the leap into advanced magick!! Creating spells shouldn't be something to build anxiety over, you got this! If you have had enough practice with other spells that other people besides you have created, then you are READY!

Here is a checklist of things you need in order to succeed at your own spell creation: 1.) Practice visualization, meditation, grounding, and energy-building.

2.) Get to know the magickal uses for oils, herbs, roots, curios, gemstones, minerals, candle colors, planetary days, moon cycles, and anything else that you believe important to create the type of spell work personalized for you to manifest easily! 3.) Knowledge is POWER in witchcraft, and a daily routine of spell work will strengthen you enough to be a very strong witch eventually! Don't be afraid to cast spells! I know a lot of you witches out there have had a path for a long time, yet have never cast a successfully-manifested spell! This saddens me because what you are doing is denying yourself the benefit of making your life better the way you see fit. We are the only ones in control of our destiny unless the universe has other plans for us.

4.) Make a list of different types of spells you would like to create for your workings! Then you may match the corresponding materials mentioned in #3 to the intention you have set for each of the spells you are to create from scratch. 5.) If you choose to use a higher power such as a diety or two...or three, then study up on these wonderful gods and goddesses you have chosen to stand by you with your spell work. Braven and I choose not to use dieties, except on occasion we will use the elements as our strong arm. There are no requirements saying that you have to use a diety, god, goddess, etc. 6.) Keep a notebook or grimoire... YOU WILL USE MANY! I stock up on several 5-star notebooks consistently because I am always taking notes. Even now as a professional witch, I still find myself looking up herbs or an essential oil to make sure I have the correct item for my intention. Keep a separate notebook for your personal spell work you plan to create, and another for herbs and their magickal uses, another for oils and their magickal uses, etc, etc. You will ALWAYS want to write down how you create a spell as you do it or before/after...it is only because when it manifests in your face about a few days to a few weeks later, don't you want to remember what you did to make it manifest? Wouldn't you want to have down exactly what you did, said, and in what order for you to be able to manifest that same outcome of intention again? Hell yes you do!

Here is a simple love spell for attraction.

7.) Be picky, but not too much! Don't obsess over your spell too much...it is only for YOU! Personalize it! Braven likes to place a chicken foot in almost every spell HE creates, so do something that makes it yours. The more you make the spell work your way, the better and more confident you will feel about doing it more! I love to add tealights to the outside of my spells, or just small candles surrounding it. It's completely your choice. Whatever you feel is right...do THAT!

8.) Use all the knowledge you have learned in the beginning spell books and grimoire's you've read and use it to your advantage NOW. Create the spell you will manifest by writing it down in the same pattern as the beginner spells in books. a. Be clear on the intention of the spell (protection, luck, money drawing, love...). You want to stay with the issue, and try not to deviate from your goal.

b. Write down all the materials you will need to gather to create your own spell. For instance, protection spells may call for a sprig of rosemary, lavender, and salt with 3 white candles anointed with protection oil,...wand, clear quartz. Then you can proceed to write out your instructions/directions for the spell work. c. If you must change something last minute, change it! If something seems out of place, find out what it is and fix it. Be sure to have all of your spell ingredients and materials on your altar before beginning your ritual. There is nothing more annoying than having to stop in the middle of your ritual to get a much-needed ingredient! d. Don't forget your chanting or your petition paper. You do not have to memorize anything. Notes are just fine in spell work. I manifested quite a lot while using notes in the beginning of my path. I have always been asked: WHY ARE THERE NO ADVANCED MAGICK BOOKS FOR WITCHCRAFT??? The reason there are no advanced spell books out there, or even intermediate level spell books....it's because when you become an advanced witch by creating your own spells that manifest easy, then there is pretty much no reason to pursue another spell book teaching spells to others because you have succeeded in becoming a witch and there is no need for anyone else to teach you what you already know in your heart, mind, body, and soul! FOLLOW YOUR PATH LONG ENOUGH, AND IT WILL ALWAYS OPEN YOU UP TO NEW WORLDS, BELIEFS, WONDERS, AND A FEELING OF AWESOMENESS WHEN YOUR PERSONALLY-CREATED SPELLS BEGIN TO MANIFEST RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES!!!

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