3 Different Type of Banishing Spell Jars...

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Vinegar Jars

Vinegar Jars are a harmful type of bottle spell used to sour a person's life. They are usually created by placing the individual's personal concerns in a jar along with your specific herbs, curios, petitions, etc... and then filling the bottle about 3/4 of the way with vinegar. Similar to doll-baby, you ritually call that person's spirit into the bottle and then shake it everyday or on certain days, moon-phases, etc..calling their name and affirming that their life will become "as sour as this vinegar".

It is important that you safely store your vinegar jar when not in use as the gases in the vinegar have been known to build up causing the bottles to explode. I usually place mine in a minimum of three ziplock bags and store them in the storage shed off my patio.

Hot-Foot Jars

Hot-Foot Jars are used to drive away enemies and other troublesome individuals. They are typically made from bottles of hot-sauce. In fact, one Rootworker taught me the following hot-foot spell to drive off an enemy. Purchase a bottle of Texas-Pete hot sauce. When the moon is full, write your enemy's name 13 times backwards on a piece of paper, roll it up away from you and insert it in the bottle. As the sun goes down, take the bottle and shake it several times calling the person by name saying "John Brown, as another day is gone and can never return may you leave this place and don't come back!" Do this every day for 12 days as the moon wanes and on the 13th day you toss that bottle in running water.

Break-Up Bottles

These types of bottles are used to bring about the end of a person's relationship. Although they are commonly used on romantic or married couples, I have known folks to employ these types of spells to break-up friends and even business partners! In addition to the personal concerns belonging to the individuals, break up bottle usually contain an assortment of herbs and curios that are thought to make people argue and fight such as pins, needles, nails, red-pepper, black-pepper, black-cat hair, and black-dog hair. Similar to a  Hot-Foot Jar, you would shake the break-up bottle at regular intervals calling on the two individuals to argue and fight until they separate from one another.

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