3 Secrets You Need To Know About Your Relationship (important!)

Binding Love Spell

Secret #1: Negative Energies Destroy Your Relationship Our world is full of Life. It’s full of Energy and so is your relationship. There are two types of Energy. Positive Energies and Negative Energies. Relationships that for the most part have positive energies last forever, but the ones that become intoxicated by negative energies don’t last and always get surrounded by fights, arguments, and behaviors that hurt you. Relationships intoxicated by negative energies end up being so harmful that they can become macabre. For example, your lover sent you a picture while being with another woman? That is a painful thing and the reason for that is the negative energies How to know if your relationship is intoxicated by negative energies. This is my list of negative energies and emotions in a relationship. If you feel any of these negative energies, then your relationship is intoxicated, and the energy that you are feeling. Your relationship is the cause of everything going wrong. The lower you get in the emotions, the more negative experiences you will experience in your relationship. Remember, these energies are the reason underneath all of the problems in your relationship. Pick one and see if the events in your relationship are rooted in that kind of energy. You will find that this is always true. 1. Boredom 2. Pessimism 3. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience 4. Overwhelment 5. Disappointment 6. Doubt 7. Worry 8. Blame 9. Discouragement 10. Anger 11. Revenge 12. Hatred/Rage 13. Jealousy 14. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness 15. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness Secret #2: You Might Be Destroying Your Relationship Wicca has 5 different elements and each one of them represents a kind of energy. Those Elements are Air, Water, Fire, Earth and a fifth element which is Source, Spirit. How does this affect your relationship? If you belong to the Air realm, you might think that using reason is going to fix your relationship, but that is not true. Using too much the Air element, or reason might make you think that talking things out, having an argument about something that happened might help you fix your relationship. But as you know by now, it didn’t work because the fruits of your relationship are rooted in positive and negative energies. You might also be too impersonal or unaware of how your lover feels about your relationship. You might be using the Air realm especially if your Zodiac sign is Aquarius, Libra or Gemini. If you belong to the Fire Realm then you might be impatient, and the reason why you might be chasing him too much, talking to his friends, family members and being too desperate. Your emotions might block your sight and you might overreact to circumstances. When this happens, negative energies take over and you find yourself saying something that you shouldn’t have said. Be aware of this if your Zodiac sign is Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. If you belong to the Water Realm then you can be taken for granted in your relationship. In other words, you think that satisfying him and pleasing him is the way to fix your relationship. Again, you might know by now that it didn’t work. You pleased him and pleased him and put up with everything he did until you gave all your power away, and ended up being taken for granted. This might be your case if your Zodiac sign is Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. If you belong to the Earth Realm then you might be too patient. You think that enduring hurt, pain, and circumstances in your relationship are the ways to solve your relationship. You know this doesn’t work because again, you give your power away, your lover takes advantage of you, people take advantage of you, and you find yourself over and over in the same situation. Be aware of this if your zodiac sign is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn Secret #3: The First Step to Bring Him Back In order to bring him back, you need to connect with the POSITIVE energies that belong to your Realm. In other words, you must allow positive energies to flow through you, your relationship, and your Universe.These positive energies are: 1. Joy/Appreciation 2. Passion 3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness 4. Positive Expectation 5. Optimism

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