An Attraction Spell

Fire-Haired Witch in Green Reading Her Grimoire in the Forest

This spell will help you attract someone into your life. 

● Red candle 

● A cut out heart from a piece of red paper 

Do this preferably at night and when the moon is waxing. 

1. Sit in a quiet and dark room (turn of all lighting and everything that can distract you). 

2. Light the candle 

3. Lay the paper heart down on the table or floor  

4. Drip a couple of drops of wax in in the center of the heart 

5. Say the following: 

 ­ "May the center of my affections be grace and goodness,  ­ 

and let my love know no boundary,  ­ 

for the greater my love for others,  ­ 

so in kind will that love come back to me.  ­ 

For the greater good, and to harm none...So Mote It Be!"  

6. Keep the hearth in your purse or pocket for the next 28 days (one lunar month) 

Allow the candle to burn all the way down.

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