Arch Angel Raphael Healing Spell

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Arch Angel Raphael Sigil

(Copyright Danielin February) I have a loved one who is fighting cancer, so I have created this spell from the ground up because nothing else seemed to be working. We are immediately seeing results as he has a little less pain and depression today. As time goes on, I will keep this updated to let you know how well it does work! YOU WILL NEED: - 3 Blue or White 7-Day Candles - The Full Name and Birthday of the Person Who Is Ailing. - Eucalyptus Oil, Healing Oil, Myrrh Oil, and Lavender Oils ( or just one if it's all you have) - Dropper or syringe for oil - Sturdy, Long Stick or Long Phillip's Screw Driver - Eucalyptus and Lavender Herbs - Lavender Incense - Black Sharpie Marker or Permanent Marker - Blessed Salt Water or Florida Water - Arch Angel Raphael Sigil This is more of a Hoodoo spell than anything, but it's okay, I'll walk you through it. Cleanse your candle with Florida Water or Blessed Salt Water using downward strokes in order to rid the candles of any negativity. Be sure to cleanse the inside with a rag dipped in the liquid. Try to avoid the wick if at all possible. Poke 3, 5, or 7 holes around the wick inside each candle. If you can poke up to 13, more power to you! Take the syringe or dropper and fill it with one of your oils. Drop 1 or 3 drops in EACH HOLE in the candle. Be sure you try and only get the amount of drops you want and try not to go over or under. If you do, just remember to use an odd number. Then, crush the eucalyptus and lavender herbs together. Place in the holes if possible. If this isn't possible, then just drizzle one pinch onto the top of your candle on the wax. While you are doing all of this preparing, try to be very specific with what you want. I said this, "Shrink Braven's tumor, so mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be." If you have a heart condition, you can say, "May blood flow freely through my body, so mote it be...." and so on. Take the black marker and write the name of the ill person and their birthday one side of the candle from the bottom to the wick. Then, print out or draw the sigil I have posted above on this page, and put it on the opposite side of the candle where there is nothing on it. Hold the candle in both hands while closing your eyes. Ground yourself and charge candle with all the energy you can put into it. Do this as long as you need to. Now, place the candles where you will be able to watch it for a few hours a day, for instance, I use my fireplace mantle. When you find your spot to put the candles, arrange them in a pyramid. Pour black salt (course, sea salt is fine, too.) around your candles clockwise three times. You can also take some lavender herbs and sprinkle it around the candles. Light your incense. Light the candles.

Danielin's Archangel Raphael Healing Spell

Now sit back and watch the flames, reminding yourself that the flame and candle is healing you or your loved one. Be sure to chant what you want it to do at least once every day for the time the candle will be used. Keep lit as much as you possibly can, I burn mine 24/7 since someone is always around to watch it. Take caution in using candles and do not keep them where children or animals can reach them.

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