Change Your Luck

Magickal hands directing energy.

Straight or votive candles in the following colors: - your astral color - 1 orange (sudden change) - 1 silver or light gray (neutralization of bad luck) - 1 black (remove bad luck) - 1 magenta (to hurry the luck-changing process) Lotus oil Basil - fresh or dried Frankincense or lotus incense 4 pieces of carnelian or 4 clear quartz crystals ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Light the altar candles and the incense Anoint the black candle from the end to the wick, the others from the wick to the end Place the black candle in the center of your altar Set your astral candle in front of the black, with the other candles joining it in a circle around the central black candle Place a stone beside each of these four candles. Light the astral candle and say: "This is me and everything that represents me." Light the black candle and say: "This is my bad luck.. It now leaves me. I shed no tears over the parting." Light the silver/gray candle and say: "This neutralizes any remnants of bad luck. They dissolve into nothingness." Light the orange candle: "This represents the changes for good that are coming into my life. I welcome them with open arms." Light the magenta candle: "This is the astrological energy that I need to speed up the change" Sit for at least 5 minutes repeating to yourself: "I welcome change. I welcome the incoming good, and harm none, so mote it be." Do not allow any thoughts of failure or bad situations to enter your mind during this time. Leave the candles to burn out completely. Dispose of the wax afterward. Perform during a full moon on a Thursday in order to change your luck!

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