Conflict Resolution Spell

Wood pentagram incense holder with eight various gemstones on a tree stump.

Disagreements between two people are rarely completely cut and dry; often other people have salient points and good reasons for their thoughts and opinions about the subject at hand. With compassion and an open mind, it is always possible to come to a compromise that respects all parties involved. This spell can give you a big boost in that direction. Note: Before working this spell, make sure you have released any attachments to being "right" or to controlling the outcome in some way (such s needing the other person to "surrender" and agree with you completely). Otherwise, you risk being manipulative with your magical energy, which can easily backfire. YOU WILL NEED: - 1 Grey Spell Candle - Bergamot, lavender, palmarosa, rose, and or ylang ylang oil - Carving tool Take some time to ground and center. When you're ready, carve your initials into one side of the candle. Carve initials of the person you're in conflict with into the other side, and then anoint the candle with oil. Spend a few moments focusing your attention on qualities you respect in the other person. Make a mental list and strive for at least ten positive attributes of that person. If your thoughts wander to the argument or conflict, gently redirect them back into a positive territory. Now focus your attention on yourself. Make a mental list of at least ten aspects of yourself that you respect and are proud of. Note that some of these are likely to be on the other person's list as well. When you feel a sense of peace and calm objectivity begin to take hold, light the candle as you say the following words 3x's: "Compassion, respect, and understanding bring peace. Let resolution come, and harmony reign. Blessed Be." Now release the conflict from your mind, trusting the universe to respond to your focused intention with perfect timing. Gently extinguish the candle, and know that the opportunity to resolve the conflict peacefully will soon present itself.

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