Friendship Strengthening Spell

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Sometimes even the best of friends can end up on the outs for no clear reason. Whether you're dealing with communication difficulties, tensions from unknown causes, or a flat-out rift, this spell can help repair the strains that sometimes arise among friends. drawing specifically on the combined vibrations of red and white, the spell seeks to temper passion with peace as you celebrate the strengths of other yourself and your friend. Note: As with any spell involving another person, be sure your focus is on the desired outcome, rather than on magically manipulating another person's behavior. Otherwise you run the risk of making the situation even worse! YOU WILL NEED: - 2 Pink votive candles or tea lights - Work candle for atmosphere - Small amount of red and white paints - 1 Paint brush - 5 inch square of pink poster board or card stock Light the work candle and arrange the rest of the spell ingredients on your altar or work space. Place the poster board or card stock in the center and then place one pink candle on either side of it, leaving enough space for you to work with the paints and brush. Light the candle to the left of the poster board as you say the following words 3x's: "Let the light and love of friendship shine throughout this work. So mote it be." Using the white paint, paint a heart or some symbol of friendship on the poster board. Then without rinsing the brush swirl red paint into the white shape, to create the color pink. While you swirl the red and white paint together, visualize a reconciliation with your friend. See the two of you laughing and having a good time together, and allow yourself to feel the way you do when you're enjoying time with this friend. When the heart is completely pink, set down the paint brush and light the candle to the right of the poster board as you say the following words 3x's: "The light and love of friendship seals this working and strengthens our bond. So mote it be" Allow the candles to burn while the paint dries. Then gently extinguish them and place the painting on your altar or in another specially designated location. Trust that the opportunity to strengthen or repair a friendship will arrive in perfect timing.

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