Gambler's Luck: Money Items to Help You Be a Winner!

Row of Slot Machines at a Casino

The following are lucky gambling charms, amulets, herbs, roots, curios, and talismans : Alfalfa: Carried in a mojo hand for money luck Alkanet Root Bark: To prevent jealous losers from jinxing you or your winnings. Alligator Tooth: An old Southern charm; fragile, but powerful to renew money. Alligator Foot: Its "grasping action" and odd look make it a popular key ring charm. Allspice Berries: Carried in a mojo hand for money luck. Badger Tooth: An old German- American charm; wear it on the left side of the body. Bat Heart: Wrapped in red silk cloth and worn on the left arm or in the armpit. Bayberry Root: Carried in a mojo hand for money luck. Black Cat: The famous Black Cat Bone is used to rule a love or for invisibility. Buckeye: Carried to prevent rheumatism or fixed with quicksilver for gambling. Candles: Some burn candles at home while at the casino to "back them up" in luck. Chamomile Hand Wash: Tea made from golden flowers cleans the hands for money. Charm Bracelet: One way to wear or carry a multitude of lucky amulets. Cinnamon Chips: Carried in a mojo hand for money luck. Dice Showing Number 7: A Five-Spot plus Snake Eyes makes a Lucky 7 charm. Dice Showing Number 7: on "The Case of the Lucky Legs." Fast Luck Soap: A popular Gambler's soap Five-Finger Grass: A lucky gambler's herb often carried in a Mojo Hand. Four-Leaf Clover: Pressed flat in the wallet to draw money, health, luck, and love. Gamblers' Gold Lucky 7 Hand Wash: An herbal wash to cleanse the hands for play. Gambling Hands and Hand Washing Horseshoe: Hung over the door for protection and luck to all who dwell within. Horseshoe with Horse Head: Much loved by those who play the ponies. Horseshoe Plastic Key Ring: A lucky talisman from Mexico. Hoyt's Cologne: Sprinkled on or worn as an after-shave while betting or gaming. John the Conquer Root: Carried in the pocket for good luck in money and love. Lady Luck Spiritual Supplies: A special scent worn by lady bettors and gamblers, not by men. Lodestone: Magnetic iron ore use to "draw" money, luck, or whatever is desired. Lucky Hand Root: A rare Orchid root shaped like a hand, to bring in the winnings. Lucky Hand Spiritual Supplies: Made with Lucky Hand Root; used to dress money. Lucky Mojo Spiritual Supplies: Oil, Powder, Incense, and Bath Salts for gambling luck. Magnetic Sand: Iron dust used to feed Lodestones, especially small ones in a mojo. Mojo Bag: A tied and fixed flannel or leather bag containing lucky roots and curios. Money Bag Charm: A charm in the shape of a money bag is good luck jewelry. Number 7: Always a lucky number, and an image of the numeral is worn as a charm. Lucky Number 13: Lucky 13 on a charm bracelet, "Reverse Bad Luck" to those who take risks. Nutmeg: Carried in the pocket while at games of chance. Playing Cards Charm:Worn as a talisman on an American charm bracelet. Policy Players' Dream Books: Books of lucky betting numbers for lottery play. Pyrite: Sparkling golden iron ore that attracts money to it; carried in the pocket. Rabbit Foot: The ultimate down-home Southern amulet, carried as a key ring charm. Raccoon Penis Bone (Coon Dong): Wrapped in a $20.00 bill to keep on winning. Skull Figural Candle: A symbol of daring; a gambler's lucky charm or key chain ornament. Skull Charm: Used by those who are not averse to calling on the Dead for luck at cards. Silver Dime: Protection against conjure and assurance of luck in money matters. Slot Machine Charm: A gambler's lucky charm or key ring ornament for casino play.

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