Gold Ambition Spell

Gold offering bowl surrounded by spell items and red roses.

When you're working your way up the ladder of success, you can sometimes lose sight of the big picture. If you're biding your time waiting for a promotion at a current job, considering a new career altogether, or wanting to strike out on your own in the world of self-employment, the energetic frequency of gold can help you boost your ambition to make the most out of your work. You can use any size candle for this spell. If you'd like to repeat the spell for a few successive nights, use a pillar or taper candle so that you can relight it each time. YOU WILL NEED:

- 1 Gold Candle - Bergamot, cinnamon, clove, patchouli, and/or lemon essential oil. - Athame or other carving tool. Carve a symbol of your magical goal into the candle. This can be "V" for victory, the rune Sowilo for success, a dollar sign, or a symbol that represents the kind of work you do (or want to be doing) Take a few moments to envision how you want to feel about your work -- whatever that may be. What does a successful day look like for you? What aspects of your work life can you see yourself being excited about? Visualize yourself filled with the energy of ambition, enthusiasm, and the drive to succeed. When you have a strong hold o these positive feelings, light the candle as you say the following words 3 x's: "Golden fire, golden flame, ambition is my passion. All is well above and below, I am energized for action" Now spend a few moments gazing at the candle. Visualize your energy going into the flame as it pushes up towards the sky. Release any self-doubt or other negative thoughts or emotions that may have been draining your enthusiasm recently, and trust that you will soon be feeling the fire of ambition for your pursuits. Leave the candle to burn as long as you like.

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