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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Three Witches and a Ouija Board

Welcome to our first blog at "All Things Blessed Be"! We'll be posting tailored-made blogs for your spell craft education and reference. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have a question about a spell, service, blog post, or wanting to learn the art of Spell crafting!


I'd like to thank you for visiting All Things Blessed Be. We are Braven and Danielin February, here to mentor you with all the information we can possibly give you on this blog about the witch lifestyle and what it's about. Our posts will (eventually) consist of the information at the bottom of the page that is crucial the success of a spell caster. we are glad to offer our services of spell casting as well as giving you access to our free spells you can cast yourself. in spell craft, there is no right or wrong. It's whatever feels right to you in your gut. If you are new to the path, be as knowledgeable about your craft as you can before You dive into casting any spells. Spell craft is not for people just looking to "dabble", show off in front of friends, or even play with it like it were a game. it's a way of life for all spell workers. if done improperly, bad things can happen to you, your loved ones, and possibly ruin your life. At the same time, I'd like to let you know that there are all kinds of help for the new witch, and even for those who are considering spell craft as a way of life.

Here You Will Learn:

  1. Do's & Don'ts of Ritualistic Spell Casting

  2. Basic Altar Set-Up

  3. Herbs, Oils, & Incense along with their magickal properties

  4. Incorporating color into your spell work

  5. Importance timing is for your rituals or spells

  6. Finding spell ingredients when they are not available near you.

  7. Various Deities

  8. Creating Your own Spells

  9. Incorporating various spell craft types into your own spells

  10. Types of paths & how they practice

  11. Pro's & Con's of spellwork

  12. Basic Candle magick

  13. Working with Gems


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