Hoodoo-ing with Black Skull Candles

Black Decorative Skull Candle

Black Skull Candles are a very powerful witchcraft ritual supply item. The symbolism of a black skull candle will infuse your Hoodoo ritual with the proper malevolent spell vibrations. A skull is a symbol of death. Skull candles can come in several different colors for spell work; a black skull candle is usually used in dark magic spells. Black skull candles are widely used by Hoodoo practitioners to place hexes and curses on their enemies.

Black skull candles are relatively easy to work black magic with. Black skull candles can be hard to find in local occult shops; the best places to purchase black skull candles are at your local botanica, or try online witchcraft or Hoodoo stores.

Here is an easy black magic spell that you can cast using only a black skull candle and a few other Hoodoo supplies. You should be able to purchase everything you need to cast the spell for under $25. If you are uncomfortable casting a hex yourself, you can hire a qualified Hoodoo practitioner online.

A Shopping List of Spiritual Supplies Needed to Cast This Spell:

  • Black Skull Candle

  • Bat's Blood Ink

  • Parchment Paper

  • Black Arts Oil (See ingredients below to make at home!)

  • Crossing Incense

Directions for Casting This Hoodoo Spell:

Place the supplies on your altar or spell work area. If you don't have an altar, you can use a small table or even a desk. Completely read all of the instructions before performing your witchcraft spell. If you don't read the ritual beforehand, you may accidentally miss something important while you are in the middle of your spell casting.

Anoint the black skull candle with the black arts oil. Rub the Black Arts oil into the candle (use plastic gloves!) while concentrating intensely on your enemy.

Using the Bat's Blood Ink, write your enemies name on one side of the parchment paper. Let the parchment paper dry. Turn over the parchment paper, and write what you'd like to happen to you enemy on the other side.

Set the parchment paper under the black skull candle. The face of the skull candle should be facing the direction where your enemy resides.

Light some of the Crossing Incense in an incense burner or fireproof dish. Set the Crossing Incense next to the black skull candle on the altar.

Now light the black skull candle. Sit with the candle for 30 minutes to an hour, while focusing on all of your hatred and contempt for your target.

Extinguish the black skull candle after the hour has passed. Perform this ritual every night until the black skull candle is reduced down to nothing more than a stub. Before the black skull candle goes out, burn the parchment paper in its flame.

After you complete the spell casting, you will take the incense ashes, parchment paper ashes and candle stub and place it in a brown paper bag. Pour some of the remaining black arts oil into the bag. After dark, toss the bag on your enemy's property. The black magic skull candle Hoodoo ritual is now completed. Expect to see results soon. Watch for signs that indicate that your witchcraft spell was successful.

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