How to Attain Success with Crown of Success Oil

Success Spell Candles

Crown of Success is a traditional Hoodoo Oil used in attracting success in life and helping to accomplish certain goals. It can be used when success is desired in any area of your life, and is particularly suited for success in business, education and employment.

Orange, Allspice, Cinnamon, Geranium, Lavender, Bergamot, Anise and Rosemary are just some of the ingredients in our potent blend and effectively helps you eliminate many barriers and build bridges to success.


Rub some Crown of Success oil into your hands before a job interview and then make sure you shake their hands, Blended with some Money drawing Oil would make this even stronger.

You can do the same before exams, whilst apartment hunting etc

Dressing a Candle

There are numerous ways you can work with Crown of Success Oil. It certainly is a popular blend to use in a candle spell. You will need a candle of appropriate colour - green for money, orange for new opportunities and so on.

In success work, it’s always best to work with a pillar candle that is large enough to fix some writing on it. Get a toothpick and carve into the candle your name and date of birth followed by the exact thing you would like success with, such as "find a job with better pay asap" - Try to get as specific as you can.

Dressing a Petition Paper

Many practitioners, including me, use petition papers in their workings, especially with candle spells. Using a torn piece of paper (don't use scissors as this "cuts" whatever you write on the paper out of your life!) Write your name and date of birth three times. Turn the paper 90 degrees towards you and write "find a job with better pay asap" or whatever you want success with three times across your name and date of birth. Turn the paper towards you 90 degrees again and sign your name three times.

Dress the petition paper on each corner and one in the middle with the Crown of Success Oil. 5 points to fix what has been written. What you then do with the petition paper depends on the type spell or ritual you are doing. For a simple candle spell for success, place the petition under a plate, fix the candle on the plate (melt the bottom so it will stick) and light it.

Don't forget to focus your intent and pray to your ancestors, the universe, a particular deity, archangel, elemental, whoever you are comfortable with. In traditional Hoodoo the bible psalms 23 or 118 are read for success work.

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