How to Find an Honest Spell Worker

From the horror stories my clients tell me regularly, finding a true, honest spell worker is almost impossible. Almost every client I've had the pleasure of working with has had very unfortunate experiences with scam artists or even more than one. These scam artists are not spell casters in any way, shape, or form. These are the people who rarely speak to you except only to tell you how much more money you need to spend with them. And then, if they do answer your calls and/or messages, they will then use threats of harm and even sometime threats of death to keep their clients "in line". This really makes me heated. When I heard that one of my clients had miscarried during one of her spell workings with another caster, she decided not to pursue anymore spell work from this woman. She proceeded to tell the spell worker that she was not going to use their services again, and with that the "spell worker" attacked her, saying she was going to join her baby soon. This is not uncommon! If this type of treatment has happens to you, just know that there is nothing these scammers can do to you. They are probably threatening 15 or more people besides you. Also, if they didn't spend time doing your spell work which you paid them to do, then they're most certainly are not going to waste their precious time to hex you and your family, etc.

When searching for a spell caster/witch-for-hire/or a root worker, keep these tips in mind before spending your hard-earned money:

  • Don't Shop Around - This is important because I know that a lot of you do this. This is all fine and well if you are looking to purchase a house or a car, but when it comes to spell work, you're looking for something beyond just a voice on the phone or the best bang for your buck. Most of the time when it comes to spell work, you get what you pay for. Also please don't look for a "guarantee" or "instant results", because when it comes to spell work, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OR INSTANT RESULTS! If someone offers these two things means that you need to run the other direction fast!

  • Don't Hang Your Decision on Testimonials - Testimonials are all fine and good, but I've seen screenshots of hand-written letters to one spell caster....there were at least 50 or more written top to bottom back to back. Now, who in their right mind would write a two or three page testimonial....let alone 50 or more people writing them. Come to find out, this spell caster liked to write about herself a lot, so she writes her own testimonials with the exact same handwriting and style in each one. Anyone can write testimonials about themselves people. I request reviews from a client every so often to write on my testimonials page. I haven't got too many on my site here, but I do back them up with emails. These clients who wrote my testimonials are available for reference. You may not find too many casters who do that.

  • Don't Hire From a Spammed Message - I get this constantly here, on my FB, IG, and pretty much everywhere. Spammers are ALWAYS scammers!! Their messages look a little like this: "This is my testimonial about Doctor (or Papa) Owberli. I had untreatible cancer and hired Doctor (Papa) Owberli to do spell work for my last chance at life. He came through and my cancer is now in remission. I owe my life to this man for all that he has done for me. Contact Doctor (Papa) Owberli at +2-222-22222-222 blah blah blah"

  • Avoid Pushy Techniques and Rush Tactics - You should never be rushed into spending your hard-earned money, especially if it's for something as life-changing as spell work. If a spell worker throws a fit because you want to take time to think about whether or not you are going to use them or not, then they are not worth hiring. Professionalism is still the rule of thumb when it comes to spell casting.

  • Avoid Being Pressured Into Buying More Spell Work - This happens quite a lot...someone hires a scammer, they say they began your spell work, but need more money to either remove a curse, family curse, or "blockages". Now, I'm not going to lie, there are sometimes blockages and obstacles, but isn't there always with almost everything in life? Most of the time I perform a free cleansing before I do any spell work for a client. I don't always necessarily disclose this information, but it's a service that I provide which comes with the cost of spell work.

  • Use Your Instincts!!! I Cannot Stress This Enough! - If there is any doubt in your mind, body, and soul that you should not hire a certain spell caster for your spell work...DON'T HIRE THEM! As a witch/root worker, I can tell you right now that your instincts will not fail you. If you feel as if you have lost control of the entire situation, get out with your money in hand...and hope you haven't already paid a crook!

(If you have any questions about spell casters, or are curious as to if someone has scammed you, please leave a comment below. I will try to answer as promptly as I can.)


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