Increase Your Personal Power

This spell is to build your self-esteem so that you can be more assertive, not to gain control over someone else.

Wiccan Witches Ritual Helping to Raise Power

-Silver Candle (Victory, Stability) -Yellow Candle (Confidence, Concentration)

-Purple (Success, Wisdom)

-Carnation Oil

-Jasper, Agate, and Black Obsidian Gemstones -Do spell on a Thursday during a Full or Waxing Moon Light altar candles and incense. Anoint candles from wick to end. Set candles in triangular pattern with silver at top, yellow bottom right, and purple at bottom left.

Place black obsidian near silver, jasper near yellow, agate near purple. Light in same order beginning with silver. Say chant below 3 times and allow candles to burn out. (("Power of the self, I seek. Strength to be bold, not weak. Courage to stand straight and tall. Power to overcome all and harm none so mote it be..."))

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