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Danielin and Braven February
Houston, Texas, United States
Whatsapp # 1-346-369-9437


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Is There a Spell You Would Like to See on This Site? Anyone? Anyone?

What most do not realize is that I customize every single spell on this website to my client's intentions and needs. There are some spells I do not perform at any cost. Here are a few: - Death Spells - Car Crash or Injury Spells (Basically any type of spells to intentionally do bodily harm to someone) - Spells on children (With the exception of protection and health spells) - Break Up spells to split up a married couple - Spells that are NOT justified - Spells for people who are obviously disturbed, obsessed, or who need to seek professional help...not a spell caster. - Anything questionable which I am uncomfortable with

White cross candle for a client-requested "Divine Cleansing Spell"

I also create my spells from scratch. All of them. I am a very well-advanced witch who studies and casts spells daily. I am always learning and looking for new "witchy" ventures to delve into. I work constantly. A good spell caster may get a 2 to 5 hours of sleep a day/night if any! My whole life I have had insomnia, and my body is used to staying up for 48 hours or more straight. I use that time to work on spells, my website and improve my knowledge. So if you are having an issue that needs to be addressed, and you aren't having any luck locating a spell for it on this site...just contact me or request a consultation. I will be able to create the best custom spell you will need to make life a better place for you. A happier and more fulfilled place to get the best out of life! If you would like to see a certain type of spell on this website, please email your suggestions to me at: danielin@allthingsblessedbe.com