Keep Him Faithful

Black candle on the altar

YOU WILL NEED: - 1 Green Candle - Caraway seeds

- 1 Green pouch - A lock of his hair or nail clippings

- Gold-colored ribbon Best done on a Friday at midnight as near to a full moon as possible. Light a green candle, then place some caraway sends in a green pouch. In herbal lore these seeds are said to have the power to make a lover remain faithful. Ad a lock of his hair or his nail clippings and close the pouch. Wrap the gold-colored ribbon around the pouch and tie in 7 knots. As you do this, say: "_______, I name you as my love. With this spell I bind you close to my heart, that you shall never stray. With this spell I bind your eyes, that they shall be attracted only to me. With this spell I bind your lips that you speak words of seduction only to me. With this spell I bind your body that you shall desire only me. All this I do will until I say otherwise, By sun and by moon, by night and day, As I do will so shall it be."

Hide the pouch somewhere where your man either sits or sleeps or failing that, just ensure that it is placed away from prying eyes.

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