Lucky Coin Gambling Spell

Hands on a crystal ball

For those who enjoy the occasional trip to the casino or friendly poker game, here's a spell for a talisman to bring silver's lucky energy along. Keep it hidden and secret, lest you allow any doubt to be introduced into your vibration. Good luck! YOU WILL NEED: - 1 Silver Spell Candle - Patchouli or cinnamon oil - A silver coin (collector's item or foreign currency is best) Anoint the candle with the oil. Anoint the coin as well.

Place the coin in front of the candle Light the candle as you allow some of the wax to melt, visualize having success at gambling. Whether it's a card game, a slot machine, or any game of chance, summon up the feeling of winning. See and feel the prize money in your hands. Be as detailed with your visualization as possible, and stay focused on the vibrational frequency of the delight in winning. When enough wax has melted, carefully tilt the candle to drip a drop of wax onto the "heads" side of the coin. Replace the candle, and hold the coin several inches above the flame as you say the following words 3x's: "Lucky silver, lucky coin, Bring me luck and bring me gain. Lucky money, lucky life, I leave with more than when I came" Place the coin in front of the candle and allow the candle to burn out on its own. ring your new talisman with you the next time you play games of chance.

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