Magick Mirror of Beauty

Herbs, Oils and Candles Sitting on an Altar


- 1 small handheld mirror - 1 red candle (for sex appeal) - 1 silver candle (for charisma) - 1 orange candle (for general attractiveness) To be cast on the night of a full moon. Select one candle color for the strongest effect or all three for a mix of benefits. Find a secluded spot outside and strip down to your underwear. Anoint the different parts of your body that you would like to approve upon with rose oil. Look up at the moon and chant the following three times out loud:

"Let your light make my beauty shine" Gaze into the mirror, visualizing the way you desire to look and the way that you want others to see you. Then, use the reflective surface of the mirror to shine the moonlight onto the parts of your body that you have anointed. Perform this spell once a week for three weeks to see results.

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