Make Your Own Holy Water (With Only 2 Ingredients!)

The process of making Holy Water can be as complicated or as simple the individual is

feeling confident with. The 2 essential steps are: 1) The use of collected water either from

the tap, rain, a sacred river etc. 2) Connection with the Divine in order to channel the Divine

Energy into the water. Below and in our video I present a slightly more detailed process

which I have found to be very effective for both beginners and more adept Witches. We

provide the ingredients and the Steps below:

Ingredients for the Holy Water:



A glass,

A vessel for storage (a vial, a bottle etc.),

A pen

A sheet of paper

1. A sacred symbol of your choice is being drawn on the paper and is placed in a circle. The

perimeter of the circle should be large enough to surround the glass. This circle will act as a

focal point in order to infuse the water with the properties we want and the circle will assist

in our visualization.

2. Add water in the glass and add a pinch of salt. Then Say:

“Water and Salt I mix now, The Elixir of Life and Death is being created, May the Light always Surround it, Blessed be”

You can swirl the mixture with your wand, a spoon or with your finger. However, please

remember that you have cleaned any objects that you are going to use (aseptic technique is

not required but recommended).

3. Place the Glass with the Water and Salt on the sheet of paper so that it covers the Holy

Symbol and the bottom of the glass is surrounded by the perimeter of the circle.

4. Visualize a ray of White Light coming from the Heavens/God(s) through the ceiling

creating a column that encompasses the glass and connects with the Holy symbol. Feel the

Energy flowing and making both the water and salt mixture and the symbol alive. Feel the

properties of the symbol being infused in the Water. Feel the light pulsing in the mixture.

5. As you feel the Divine Energy flowing in you, use your active hand and pass it over the

glass. Feel the Divine Energy being channeled in the Water. Pass your hand as many times

you need in order to charge the water.

6. The Holy Water is charged with Divine Energy and is ready to be used.

Uses of Holy Water

Drink Holy Water that you have created when you require protection, banishment of

negativity and to rejuvenate your Energy. Sprinkle Holy Water in your personal Space to

remove negativity, shift the energy and for Protection. You can sprinkle your magical objects

(or any other object) to cleanse the object and bless it). Add it to your Bath – Similar to

drinking it, adding it to your bath will assist with protection, banishment, rejuvenation and

blessings. Holy Water can be used as a base for many magical Recipes that require Water if

you require an extra charge or vice verse you can use Charged Water from another recipe

as the base of your Holy Water. In general, my Grandmother used to mix different types of

charged water with Holy Water to ensure that the recipe is going to be put in good use by

the person. Some other ideas and magical Recipes with Water can be found below:

Lunar Water: – Charged with the power of the Moon for Beauty, Fertility, Protection and Psychic Powers

Water Of Mars: – Charged with the Power of Mars to Remove Obstacles and Negativity, to Unbind and Uncross, to Remove Jinx and Curses and to Provide Protection

Rose Water: For Beauty, Love Spells, Good Luck Wish Spells and Divination

First Spring Rain Elixir: For Good Luck and Blessings. Use first spring rain as the base of your Holy Water.

Amethyst Elixir: For Blessings and Positive Energy

Forty Waves: Use the Water you have collected and bless it with the Holy Water process for Banishment and for Blessings. For the video you can click here.

We invite you to use Holy Water in your daily practice and witness the results it can bring in

your life.


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