Mirror Magic for Self-Esteem Spell

A Hand Holding Up A Leaf

Everyone experiences challenges in the self-esteem department from time to time. This spell is designed for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves on a regular basis. And if you struggle with self-esteem to the point that you don't like looking in the mirror, then this spell is definitely for you! Yellow's bright, harmonious energies of self-awareness, confidence, and encouragement can help you retrain your mind away from negative, unhelpful thoughts about yourself and toward more healing, positive, productive thoughts instead. A large mounted mirror is ideal for this working, but a smaller mirror will also work--it just needs to rest securely against something so that you can write on it. YOU WILL NEED: - 1 Yellow votive or tea light - Work candles for atmosphere (optional) - Mirror - Yellow expo or other erasable marker INSTRUCTIONS: Light any atmosphere candles, and place the yellow candle so that you can see its reflection in the mirror. Close your eyes and spend a few moments breathing deeply and quieting your mind. When you feel ready, light the yellow candle and look directly at yourself in the mirror. Using the yellow, non-permanent marker, begin to write adjectives and phrases that describe all your positive qualities. For example, you could write words such as "friendly, caring, thoughtful, articulate, intelligent," etc. You can identify talents and skills that you're proud of, or even write about past accomplishments that you're still proud of. Be creative in assessing all your best characteristics. However, be sure that you believe these things about yourself, at least some of the time In other words, if you feel your heart sinking as you write a word because you don't think it's true, then you're putting negative energy into the spell and severely reducing its effectiveness. So if you've always loved baseball, but truly aren't skilled at it, don't write "good at baseball." Instead, write something like "good at loving baseball." Cover the mirror with as many words and phrases as you can. When you're finished writing, take a moment to read the words you have written. Repeat them out loud as you look into your own eyes in the mirror. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, internalizing the positive vibrations of the words and their yellow color. Exhale and open your eyes, gazing at yourself in the mirror a final time. Leave the candle near the mirror to burn out on its own. You can leave the words up on your mirror to read each day or take a photo of the work to print on your altar before wiping the mirror clean.

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