Moon Phases and Their Magical Properties

Here are the different moon phases with the type of magic you can use during a specific phase. This is a must-know for all witches for the moon has so much significance in our spell work. Blessed Be!

Full Moon - Healing, Charging, Banishing, Love Magic, Cleansing, Protection Waning Gibbous - Cleansing, Relinquishing, Doing Curses & Bindings Last Quarter - Breaking Curses & Bad Habits, Banishing, Relinquishing Waning Crescent - Success, Curing Illness, Attaining Wisdom, Balance, Atonement Dark Moon - Soul Searching, Banishing, Divination, Deconstructing Waxing Crescent - Wealth, Luck, Constructive Magic, Friendship, Attraction, Success 1st Quarter - Motivation, Divination, Calming, Strength, Growth Waxing Gibbous - Success, Good Health, Attraction, Motivation New Moon - New Relationships, Love, Change


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