Pay Me What You Owe Me!

Dark Witch hiding in a nest of tree branches.

This is a great spell for those wanting to avoid a confrontation by not asking for money someone has borrowed or taken from you. Be 100% sure the person does owe you money. If not, this spell will backfire and you'll be ending up repaying your own debts. If a friend of family member who always borrows stuff without returning it, this spell can also compel them to give your items back! 7-day Green Candle/4 Yellow (gentle persuasion) Straight or Votive Candles

Jasmine Oil


Ginger, Jasmine, or Allspice Incense

Hematite & Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stones

Full or Waxing Moon (On a Saturday)

Light altar candles and incense. Inscribe name of person who owes you on the 7-day candle. Anoint from wick to end. Set green candle in the center, and yellow candles around it. Light in same order. Say chant below 7 times. Let yellow candles burn out completely. Burn Green Candle only when home and can attend to it, or 24/7 (if you take precautions and use common fire-safety sense!). (("What was given in trust shall be freely returned. What was mine shall be mine again and harm none. So mote it be. "))

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