Protection Spell Against Negative People

A Naked, Outdoor Witch

-Few drops of essential oil corresponding with your star sign. -Picture of self. -1 White and 4 Blue Candles -3 Black Tourmalines

-3 Acacia Leaves -Sage Incense Start by washing your hands in a bowl of water that has a drop of your essential oil in it. Before casting the circle, put one blue candle at each cardinal point and place white candle in front of you. Incense goes to the left of the white candle, the leaves and tourmaline stones go to the right of the candle. Photo should be in front of the white candle. Now cast circle as normal, light candles and incense. Pass your photo over the incense 3 times whilst visualizing the incense purifying this representation of you and clearing away any negativity that has been sent your way by negative people. Pick up the acacia leaves and black tourmaline and recite the following five (5) times: (("I invoke thee, Aradia, goddess of protection & healing. Protect me and keep me safe. Now and forever. And Harm none, so mote it be. Thank you.")) Visualize the protective aura of light surrounding you and your loved ones, one that nothing negative can penetrate. Put the candle out, close the circle, and let the incense burn itself out.

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