So, What's with Your Low Spell Prices, Danielin??

My favorite deck of Tarot Cards being shuffled to prepare for a reading.

In this profession, it's touch and go with prices. I told myself going into this that I wanted to have affordable services that even someone making minimum wage could afford to get spell work. Economics is a funny thing. And when you do what I do, you're sometimes damned if you do and damned if you don't. I had higher prices before summertime. Then business nearly went to a stand-still due to advertising costs, and keeping a website going. I won't get into the price of having an online site, but I will tell you that summertime is sometimes slower that the rest of the year. Especially now since we are in Mercury Retrograde. Eeeesh, the time of year us witches dread due to the bad juju that comes with it mostly. So, I lowered my prices significantly until September 1st. I would say that I don't do spell work for the money, but that would be a lie. Would I seriously have a site I slaved over for 5 months to get it to where it needed to be for nothing? I don't have that type of luxury. One of these days the manifestations I've been working towards will come into play, and hopefully I will soon be able to live mainly off the money I make performing spell work and readings for others. Until then, I will admit that sometimes it can be a struggle. Especially when you are self-taught in the business world as I am. There is still much more to learn about the world of marketing, advertisement, business, and networking, and I don't worry since I'm dedicated, driven, hard-working, and I do not give up easily. Anyway, back on subject. If I didn't love what I do for people, then I wouldn't work as hard as I have to get where I am at the present time. I wanted to help people. I am obsessed with casting spells. So performing spell work services to put food on the table made all the sense in the world to me. Yes, my prices are very low for what I offer currently. Free Tarot Reading with purchase of a spell, complimentary cleansing spell prior to the purchased spell work, 24/7 availability, and so on. I do offer a lot for having such low prices, but remember that these low prices are only temporary and may not happen again. I am aware that some say that I am a scammer due to the low prices on this site, but hey, I got the same reaction when they were at a much higher in price. So, for the time-being, the prices will stay the way they are. Blessed Be!

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