So You Wanna Become a Witch?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Young Witch Reading

I have people ask me quite a bit "How can I do what you do? I want to cast spells and practice witchcraft, but where do I begin?" Well, that's the $25,000 question isn't it? The best advice I can give you that you will hear from just about every witch I can think of is... Read, Research, and Practice! You will not become a witch if you don't delve into some type of path to start building your confidence and strength as a human being in this wonderful universe of ours. I was lucky enough to have found someone very close to me who had been studying witchcraft for over 25 years. And no, I wasn't "taught" by them, all they did was give me the tools I needed to find my own way. That's pretty much what it boils down to. There are so many paths you can choose, but remember this: whatever path you choose is the right one. Being a witch has broadened my horizons and helped me become a better person overall. Once I made the decision, my life changed forever. There was no turning back for me, I was hooked to the gills. What is a "path"? Basically, it breaks down to finding out what turns you on the most about a certain genre of witchcraft. There are many different types of witches such as the Ecclectic Witch (as I am), the Hedge Witch, the Green Witch, The Dark Witch, The Gray Witch, and so on and so forth. There are endless possibilities when you discover our world, and the elation is enormous. Imagine if you had went to the store and bought a bicycle that was not assembled. What would you do? You have never put a bicycle together before in your life, but you are determined to make it the best bicycle you can. These days with all the technology, you have so many options without having to even go pick up a book. Youtube, DIY websites, forums, and blogs have great information to help you get on the road with said bicycle. Now, would you go and look all of these things up without ever picking up a wrench and trying to assemble it yourself? Well, that really won't do any good if you cannot apply what you have learned to your goal. In witchcraft, I suggest to find an easy spell and practice casting it! You may make mistakes here and there, but that's how we learn as our mistakes. Not always, but it's in our nature. Don't hold great expectations for yourself at first, take your time! Once you have learned so much that you are able to write your own spells and have them cast successfully, there isn't any other feeling in the world. So, hear me out when I tell you that you can never read or learn enough about your path to say, "Okay, I've succeeded. Now what?". Believe me, we never stop learning as witches. There is always something else that we haven't had the chance to dive go for it! Learn what you can, and never forget that practice makes perfect. Or as I like to say, practice makes a great manifestation!

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