Spell Casting Scam Artists: The Worst Kind of Human Being

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Copywritten by Danielin February (Originally Posted on Quora 1/22/2019) My name is Danielin, and I also do spell casting as well, but I’m here to write this to expose these scamming spell casters out there. I am a Hoodoo Root Worker (spell caster) who actually questioned whether or not this was a good profession for me. It’s not necessarily a profession, and it’s not necessarily a hobby either. My spiritual path is something I take very seriously, and if I can share my talents by being someone’s spiritual counselor to try and help them make their lives a little easier, then I was going to at least try it. For me, it’s not about the money, although I do charge for my spell work. This doesn’t make a spell caster a bad person, but there ARE those out there who see this way of life as a way to rip people off without ever looking back. People who take advantage of others are some of the worst kinds of people. When you are scammed by someone, it’s the worst feeling in the world. You feel invaded, and worst of all, not only are you out the money and pride scarred, no one helped you when you asked for help. I believe if someone is down and out, You don’t kick them! A majority of people turn to spiritual guidance to help them for a what should be a moderate fee, not the price of your mortage or a black market kidney. You put your trust in these scammers because they act like they're your “friend”. They are great actors. Beware of those spell casters claiming they have a 100% guarantee that their spell will work. Nothing is guaranteed in the spell casting profession. Or any profession for that matter. Have you ever had an attorney guarantee 100% that you will win in court??? All spell casters, witches, pagans and sorcerers know that spell casting can be very touchy at times. You have to BELIEVE that it will work, and that is what lays the ground work. Have the spell caster you wish to hire explain the way they will prove to you that they are actually doing the spell for you. Use your instincts and trust your best judgement. I know it's a cliche’, but in this case it is true. I’m sick and tired of scammers making the true spell casters look bad. We really do get a bad rap when it comes down to it, but since there are shit tons of people out there needing and seeking my help and the help of other bonafide spell casters, I will stand my ground and maintain my business to help others. I do not price gauge (a sign of a scam artist), or demand/push other services on a person knowing they don’t need it, doing anything they can to squeeze as much cash out of them as they can as quickly as possible. check me out, my site is https://allthingsblessedbe.com. I’m not trying to plug my business as a spell caster (well, not really), I just want you to take a look at my site and compare some other spell caster sites to it. I am a web designer by trade, and I can tell right away if the person is a phony just by the way their site reads. I saw in another post that if the spell caster has a site that does not look professional, or is lacking in the most important areas such as the "ABOUT" page which is supposed to describe the spell caster, disecting them with a fine-toothed comb, if it doesn't, then run the other way …fast. Also, ask all the questions you can think of. If the spell caster rushes you through the conversation, &/or demanding the cash at the end, red flag. If they hesitate on the questions or answer vaguely, red flag. It’s common sense, but then scammers of all kinds know this and even the best and smartest people get scammed as well. We’re all targets. Don't feel bad if you were scammed by a spell caster. It wasn't your fault. Don't give up, take some time and search around because we are out there! Forgive the scammer (if it's possible) and move on. Positivity is the key to a long life. Blessed be! Danielin February

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