Stay at Peace with Household Spirits Spell

Witch enjoying the flames of her ritual

Sit at a table and place a candlestick on your left side and an incense burner on your right side. You can select the candle colors and the incense fragrances you prefer. The important thing here is that both are easily hand-held so that can be carried around.

Between the candlestick and the incense burner place a sheet of paper of good quality. Adorn it with a symbol you feel attached to (a pentagram for example) and afterwards write down two lists.

In the first one, express your gratitude to the spirits for all the things they are offering you. What are you happy for? What comprises your well-being and happiness? We may take things for granted and this is wrong. Refer to every single aspect of your life you are thankful and say a generous “thank you” to the household spirits.

In the second list express your wishes or ask for support for something. Bring into words what should be realized. At the end of the sheet write a big “thank you”.

When you are done, hold the candlestick and the incense burner and visit all rooms in the house. You can do it by yourself or with your partner or the whole family. Consider however to move around in a gentle way as if you respect the presence of your household spirits.

In so doing, recite the following spell:

Wraith of the house,

take heart and live:

To every chamber

this Light I give,

To every corner

this breath I send –

Approve and favor

my willing hand!

When done, let the candle and the incense back where the sheet was placed and let them burn out. In the meantime, you can meditate or listen to music you think spirits would also enjoy. Keep the sheet at your desk in a secure place.

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