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A Day in Court

Court case spells are used in all kinds of ways, from getting and staying out of jail, to helping someone else in jail, to putting someone else in jail, to having someone released from jail, and keeping someone in jail. There are spells to enhance testimony, spells to silence the witness, spells to make the judge and jury sympathetic, and spells to confuse attorneys. In short, there are court spells to suit any and every occasion. Here are some herbs commonly employed in court case spells: •Black Poppy seeds - To cause confusion amongst your adversaries •Calendula (Marigold) Flowers - Promote legal victory and self-respect •Deer's tongue - For eloquence in your attorney •Slippery Elm - Against gossip, lies and those trying to slander you in court •Galangal (Little John) - This is considered "courtcase" root and should be carried or chewed whenever you go to court. •High John the Conqueror - For personal power and mastery •Solomon's Seal - For judge's wisdom (especially when you are wrongly accused) In addition, you should be familiar with the 7th and 35th psalms, and if using candles, make sure they are brown for victory. Purple can be used for power over the opposing parties. Seven Day saint candles to use include Just Judge and Niño de Atocha. Day in Court Spell To win court cases and influence the judge and jury, make the following oil: •Oil of Cinnamon •Oil of Calendula •Oil of Frankincense •Oil of Carnation •Piece of Devil's Shoestring •Galangal Root Blend the above oils in carrier oil and add a piece of Devil’s Shoestring and a piece of Galangal root to the mixture. Add to the bath for three days before your court date and anoint you arms, chest and throat on court day. Place a few drops on you hands and rub together briskly before signing important legal documents. Dressed for Court Write the judge’s name three times, the prisoner's name three times, the district attorney's name three times, and fold the paper small, and tell the prisoner to wear it in his shoe. Then, get some oil of rose geranium, lavender oil, and verbena oil. Put three drops of each oil in one half ounce Club Soda. Shake it and give it to the prisoner. He must use seven to nine drops on his person in court by rubbing it on his hand and rub from his face down his whole front. His clothes must also be dressed by placing seven to nine drops on them. Get to court before it starts and dress the court room, jury box, and judge's stand in the same fashion. The courts will rule in your favor.

Justice Spell Go to a cemetery and with your right hand gather dirt from the graves of nine children. Put the dirt in a white bowl and put it on your altar, facing east, between three white candles. Light the candles. Add three teaspoons each of sugar and sulphur to the graveyard dirt. Pray the 35th psalm. Ask the spirits to come with all their power to help you. Afterwards, buy a new pair of underclothes and a tan pair of socks, turn them inside out, and dress them with the graveyard dust. Place on your altar until your court date. Read the 35th psalm every day until your court date as well. On the day of court, turn the underclothes right side and wear them. Keep the left sock inside out and wear it that way. The court will do as you wish. Ochosi Spell for Justice This spell petitions the help of Ochosi, the loa of prisoners and the falsely accused. For this spell, you will need: •Three fresh fruits •three bird feathers •three rooster feathers •hair from a cat •hair from a dog •the powders Conqueror and 10 Powers Write on parchment paper with pencil the names of the people involved, as well as their office or position, wrap the feathers and powders in the papers with the names written on it and bind it with crimson and green ribbons. This work can be buried until the case is solved, but it is necessary to give Ochosi the three fruits, replacing them when they rot, taking them to the jungle or the mountain, requesting your desire.

Silence Opposing Witnesses To silence opposing witnesses, take a beef tongue, nine pins, nine needles, and split the beef tongue. Write the names of those against your man/woman and cut the names out and crossed them up in slit of tongue with red pepper and beef gall. Pin the slit up with crossed needles and pins. Hang the tongue up in a chimney, tip up, and smoke the tongue for thirty-six hours. Then, take it down and put it in ice. Stick three black candles in the ice and light them. Read the 22nd and 35th psalms also, if for murder. Then ask the spirits for power more than equal to man. To Win a Court Trial This spell is a root doctor formula taken from Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men. Take the names of all the good witnesses, the judge, and the client's lawyer and write them on a piece of parchment paper. Put the name papers in a dish and pour sweet oil over them. Bum a white candle each morning beside the dish for one hour, from nine to ten. On the day of the trial, you put the dish upon your altar and don't take it down until the trial is over. To Silence a Court Rival This spell is a root doctor formula taken from Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men.For this spell you will need a piece of parchment paper and two bricks. Take the names of your opponent, his witnesses, and his lawyer, and write them a on a piece of paper. Place the name paper between two whole bricks. Put the top brick crossways. On the day of the trial, set a bucket or dishpan on top of the bricks with ice in it. That's to freeze them out so they can't talk. To Win a Court Case This is another root doctor formula taken from Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men. Write the names of your opponent’s lawyer, witnesses, and judge on a piece of parchment paper. Buy a beef tongue and split it from the base towards the tip, separating the top from the bottom. Put the name paper into the split tongue along with eighteen pods of hot peppers and pin it through and through with pins and needles. Put the tongue it in a tin pail with plenty of vinegar and keep it on ice until the day of court. That day, pour kerosene in the bucket and bum it, and your opponent will destroy themselves in court. To Win a Court Case Put the names of the judge and all those for you on a piece of paper. Take the names of the twelve apostles after Judas hung himself and write each apostle's name on a sage leaf. Stand six white candles in a tray of holy water and burn them. Wear six of the sage leaves in each shoe on the day of court and the jury will decide in your favor. To Win a Court Case Write all the enemies' names on a slip of paper. Put the paper in a can, take soot and ashes from your chimney and add salt to it. Stick pins crosswise in six white candles and burn them at a good hour. Set the can in a bucket of ice. Recite psalm 120 before court and in court. For this spell you will need: •½ pint of whiskey •Nine pieces of John the Conqueror Root acquired before September 21 •White rose perfume Put the nine pieces of John the Conqueror root in one half pint whiskey and let soak for thirty-eight hours. Shake it up really well and drain off root in another bottle. Get one ounce of white rose perfume and pour into the mixture. Wear this before going to Court.

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