The Witches Protection Bottle

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

A Great Jar for a Spell!

One small jar, and enough of the following items

to fill the jar:

Broken Glass



Steel Wool






Your own urine

One Black Candle

One red felt market

Fill the jar with the items

listed above and seal tightly. On the top of the lid, draw a pentacle with the red felt market. Place the black candle on the Lid of the jar and light it. Chant the following over the candle:

"Candle of black and hexes old

Release the powers that you hold

Reverse the flow of spells once cast

Leave pain and sorrow in the past

Let the candle burn out. Take the jar and bury it in the earth close to your home"

It will protect you and your family from harm.

In most cases it will form a shield of protection for about six months. When the spell begins to weaken, make a new protection bottle.

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