To Attract Quick Cash Money

$100 Bills Flowing From Trees

Candles: Straight or Votive 1 - Green (Material Gain)

1 - Brown (Attract $$)

Candles: Straight or Votive - Green (for material gain) - Brown (to attract money) - Gold (for financial benefits) Bergamot or Cinnamon Oil Nutmeg Cinnamon or Honeysuckle Incense Agate & Garnet Gemstones Small Nail Perform on Sunday when moon is full or waxing. _________________________________________________________________________ Light altar candles and incense. Using the nail, inscribe brown candle with $$$ (3 dollar signs). Below this, carve the amount you need. Anoint the candles from wick to end. Set brown candle in the center of your altar with astral candle behind it. Set gold candle on left of the brown candle, and green on the right. Place agate between gold and brown, then garnet between brown and green. Light candles from left to right. Say the chant below 5 times, then leave candles to burn out. Dispose of spell wax properly afterward. (("One, Two, Three, Four, Money knocking on my door. Five, Six, Seven, Eight, a jingling purse is my fate, and to harm none, so mote it be"))

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