To Believe or Not to Believe...

A Love Spell for a Friend of Mine.

Belief is the core of magick. Without it, all you have are words and gestures, light and dust, nothing but a bluster. But what, exactly, is meant by belief? We let fear, doubt, and erroneous beliefs limit our power and our ability to create what we desire most in life. Sometimes a shift in our deepest beliefs happens because someone whose opinion we respect points out what we really DO have what we desire. Other times, we reach the same conclusion on our own. One thing you can count on: When your beliefs change, so will your life circumstances.

When you do magick, you must believe in yourself and your ability to produce the result you seek. Doubt pours water on your creative fire. If you doubt you can achieve your goal, you won’t. That’s true whether you’re playing a sport or casting a spell.

Belief is an acceptance of something as true Thousands of years ago, people believed the world was flat. In the 1600s, men and women were burned at the stake because people in power believed they were evil and consorted with the devil. There are so many people who believe that witches are the devil’s disciples to this day that it’s nearly unbelievable (pardon the pun).

On a more personal level, all of us face the consequences of our personal beliefs in all areas of our lives, every day. Your experiences, the people around you, your personal and professional environments…every facet of your existence, in fact, is a faithful reflection of a belief.

Some common ingrained, self-limiting beliefs that many people hold onto include:

- I’m not worthy (of love, wealth, a great job, etc.) - My relationships stink. - I’ll never amount to anything. - People are out to get me. - Life is a struggle. - You can’t be rich AND spiritual. - I live in an unsafe world.

You don’t have to remain a victim of your conditioning, however. You can choose for yourself what you believe or don’t believe, what you desire and don’t desire. You can define your own parameters. Once you do that, you can start consciously creating your destiny according to your own vision…and keying into your magickal nature to make that happen.

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