To Communicate with a Spirit

Altar set up to communicate with a loved one.

When someone close to you dies, you often wish, too late, that you had a chance to say or tell them something before they departed. There are also times when you wish you could communicate with someone who, perhaps, has been dead for some time. With this ritual, the ridging of that gulf is easier. TIMING: This ritual can e done at anytime, although ideal times are the night of the full moon and the night of the new moon. HOUR: Jupiter or Mercury CANDLES: 2 - Astral (Petitioner and Spirit Contact) in a Day Candle Offertory: 4 - White inscribed "truth" 4 - Blue inscribed "peace" INCENSE: Cinnamon and Frankincense or Sandalwood OIL: Equal parts jasmine, lemon, rose, and sandalwood KEYWORD: Communicate SUPPLEMENTARY ITEMS: Photograph of deceased; Placket (light blue and violet) BATH Lavender, mint, and orange bergamot, or almond and anise Breathe deeply and build your all of protective light. While soaking in your ritual bath, meditate on the whole ritual: the steps you will take, your feelings toward the deceased, and what you would want to discuss. Enter the Circle in the hour of Jupiter or Mercury, and stand, kneel or sit before your altar. Light the incense. Dress the Altar candles and the day candle with oil, while concentrating on the purpose of the ritual. Light your taper: then from that, light the Altar candles and the day candle. State your intent: "I am here to communicate with _______. I desire to blend once again with him/her, and look forward with pleasure to that exchange. With a sharp object, like a tack or nail, inscribe the petitioner's name on the petitioner's astral candle, and then dress the candle with oil. With your taper, light the petitioner candle and say: "Here stand I, _____. My love for ______ is strong and lasting. Such is that stregth that it can reach across the boundaries and through the veil between this world and the next. I am the one who would draw back the veil. Let the light of this candle shine through and draw my friend to me once again Let us be together for a while so that we might speak, listen, and communicate." With the nail or tack, inscribe all four of the white candles with the word "truth". Dress the candles with oil. Light the white #1, #2, #3, and #4 candles and say: "Here burn the flames of Peace. Let there be peace between our worlds. That the comings and goings of the spirits may be eased. Take up the incense and move it around the whole area around the altar, while rhythmically repeating the Key Word "Communicate" and building up the energy to that focus. Replace the incense. Hold the photo of the deceased in both hands and study it for a few moments, reviewing all that you know of him/her. Hold the photograph in the smoke of the incens, then lay it on the altar. Take up the deceased's astral candle, and carve his/her name on it, then anoint it with oil. Light it and say: "I call ________ to me. Let his/her spirit return here for a brief time, that I may once again communicate with him/her." Place the placket, with the photo enclosed, under the deceased's astral candle. Now sit quietly and wait. Focus your attention on the flame of the deceased's candle. You will slowly become aware of a figure standing in your peripheral vision. Do not try to look directly at this figure; keep your eyes on the candle. Know that he/she is there and you may start your converation. Eventually, the figure will fade away. Continue sitting quietly for a few moments. Then extinguish the candles in reverse order to the way they were lighted.

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