Too Much To Do, So Little Time

Witchcraft Ingredients

No matter how hard you work, you never seem to get caught up. If stress and frustration are getting you down, this spell offers a welcome in respite from workplace demands. Tools: Lavender incense Light Blue Candle Bathtub

Essential oil of Vanilla 4 Good-Sized chunks of amethyst When: Anytime Cast a circle around your bathroom. Fit the incense and candle into their respective holders, then light both. Fill the bath with pleasantly hot water. Add a little essential oil of vanilla to the bathwater. Wash the amethysts with mild soap and water, then set one on each corner of the bathtub. Climb into the tub and make yourself comfortable. Feel the amethysts drawing off your stress and neutralizing it. Feel your frustrations and anxieties dissolving into the bathwater. The trick is to not think about anything outside the walls of the bathroom. When you worry about the past or future, you block receptivity to new ideas and guidance that could help you resolve problems. If a troublesome thought pops into your head, send it into the water or give it to the amethysts. Soak for as long as you like until you feel calm, rested, and confident that all is well.

When your peace of mind is restored, get out of the tub. As the water drains away, visualize your cares flowing away with it. Pick up the amethysts and thank them. Then wash them with clean water (not the bathwater) and mild soap and pat them dry. Extinguish the candle and incense, or allow them to burn down in a safe place. Open the Circle and emerge renewed!

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