Using Music for Deep Meditation and Visualization

I began practicing witchcraft at the same time the Internet was a toddler (1997). Back then, you were lucky to find that much information from the computer to help you excel in your path of becoming a witch. It was a little frustrating to say the least. Although we did have books to reference from, there were not many outlets of soothing sounds (or beats) to help put us into that meditative trance to visualize intent and reach a goal of manifestation success. Of course, I got by. I winged it for a long time on my own, while trying with slight difficulty to reach a point of relaxation I needed to visualize my spell through meditation. Things turned out okay to say the least, yet still I was able to manifest my desires over time after practicing old school!

Music possesses a direct line to the mind, body & soul. It can change a bad mood into a good mood, make us cry, dance or sing. Basically, music moves most of us in this world. Of course, playing Metallica's Enter Sandman would not necessarily be my recommendation to acquire the type of meditation you seek to find within yourself. Although I do love to get into my car, crank up the radio, and jam out to loud, heavy metal music...I longed for an idea to reach successful meditation and visualization for my rituals. Then I finally found an outlet to where I could also use the music I needed to help with the manifestation of my spells: YouTube! Now, everyone will have a different opinion when it comes to their type of "Mind Music". If you wanted, you could simply choose Pachelbel Canon in D by the German Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel, or even visualize your intent to the Benedictine Monks with the Gregorian Chants. Your meditation and visualization music should promote the peace and tranquility one needs to be able to slip into a state of consciousness, and manifest desires.

For any type of spellwork, I strongly recommend typing the word Binaural Beats in your YouTube search. There are so many different video files which hold titles such as: Sleep, Focus, Lucid Dreaming, Healing, Astral Projection, Positive Energy, Protection, and even Headache Relief! These Binaural Beats have been a godsend in these last few years. I find that comforting music of all types really does help with the meditation/visualization process. It drowns out any outside interference or noises, which may distract someone during a sacred time of ritual. Also, it helps one visualize goals outstandingly well. making it easier while reaching a state of consciousness we work toward while meditating. I have gone without my relaxation music while performing a spell. It was difficult for me to concentrate enough, or even meditate so to reach a state of tranquility. It is possible that I just may have spoiled myself with those beautiful binaural sounds, which throw me into a trance while pouring out of my headphones into my subconscious mind. Having music flowing while I sit grounded at my altar makes a world of difference when working spells and rituals. This I know to be true! Try this sometime, it works! - Danielin February

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