What Do You REALLY Know About Charms, Affirmations, and Incantations?

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Charms Early charms were spoken spells. In a time when few people could read or write, witches used verbal spells. The word charm comes from a Latin term, carmen, that means "incantation" or "song". A charm is like a poem, and many charms rhyme or have a distinct rhythm, making it easier for the witch to commit them to memory--no meed to carry a huge grimoire around, no scrolls to get damaged in the rain en route to the market! Uttering chants, affirmations, and incantations serves two purposes: to focus your mind during spells and rituals, and to send your objectives out into the universe. If you like, you can incorporate other actions and symbolism into a verbal charm. For example, a witch might wait until the first night of a full moon to speak her charm, then recite it three times each night thereafter. The full moon represents fullness, completion, and coming into manifestation. The number three represents the body-mind-spirit connection. Witches often use the number three because it brings magickal thoughts into three-dimensional reality. Here is an example of a simple verbal charm: Leaf of ash, I do thee pluck, To bring to me A day of luck. {ABRACADABRA - One of the oldest and best-known written charms is the Gnostic spell that uses the word Abracadabra (no, we're not pulling a rabbit out of a hat). In the original Chaldean texts, Abracadabra translates as "to perish like the word," and it was customarily used to banish sickness. The process was relatively simple. Abracadabra was written in the form of a descending triangle on a parchment which was then laid on the afflicted body part. Then the parchment was stuck in the cleft of a tree and left there so that as time and the elements destroyed it, the magick would begin its work. Okay, it's not a literary masterpiece, and your charms don't have to be either. The important thing is that a charm expresses your wish or goal, and that it's easy to remember. Repeat it often to give it more energy and to make the magick work faster. If you wish, you can add a physical action to the spoken charm. As you speak the word"pluck," take a leaf from a tree whose properties match your intention, and the carry it with you all day to attract good luck. Affirmations Affirmations are positive statements that you create to produce a result. Witches use them in all sorts of spells, both spoken and written. The important things to remember when designing an affirmation are: + Keep it short. + Be clear and precise. + Only include images and situations that you desire. + Always use the present tense, as if the condition you seek already exists. Here are some examples of the right and wrong ways to create affirmations: Right: I am healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Wrong: I don't have any illnesses or injuries. Right: I now have a job that's perfect for me. Wrong: I want to get a better job See the difference? If you are not exactly sure of all the details, it's okay to leave some things up to the universe to work out. The previous example, 'I now have a job that's perfect for me," covers the bases without being specific. Incantations Incantations differ from affirmations in that they are usually written as rhymes The catchy phrasing makes it easy to remember. You don't have to be a Woodsworth or Dickinson to create an effective incantation. ust follow the same rules for designing an incantation as you did or an affirmation. Here is an example of a simple love incantation: As the day fades into night I draw a love that's good and right. As the night turns into day We are blessed in every way. The uses for affirmations and incantations are limited only by your imagination. Write one on a slip of paper and insert it into a talisman or amulet. Put it under your pillow at night. Repeat it regularly throughout the day, such as while you're in the shower or driving to work, and especially just before you go to sleep. Write it on a sheet of colored paper, decorate it with images that resonate with you, and post it in a place where you will see it often. Be creative!

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