Will-Powered Victory Charm

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Whether you're trying to incorporate a new exercise routine, give up an unwanted habit, clean out your basement, or conquer some other daunting task, the fiery energy of red will help you summon the will to get started and the drive to succeed. Red jasper, a mineral stone revered for its grounding and strengthening properties, makes an excellent magical charm for this purpose, but you can use any red stone if need be. YOU WILL NEED: - 1 red pillar candle

- Crystal point, athame, or other ritual carving tool. - 1 piece of red jasper or other red stone - Anointing Oil ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS: Carve a symbol appropriate to your goal into the candle. This can be a "V" for Victory, a runic symbol with a similar meaning, a pentacle, sigil, or even your initials -- whatever symbol holds power for you related to this particular magical goal. Anoint candle with the oil. Now hold the red jasper or other stone between your palms. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and envision yourself succeeding at your task. Enjoy the feeling of victory and the pride of self-accomplishment. When you feel ready, place the stone in front of the candle. Light the candle as you say the following three times: "I am energy. I am willpower. I am success. I am worthy. So Mote it be." When the candle has burned out on its own, your victory charm is charged and ready to assist you. Keep it with you whenever willpower is needed to accomplish you goal.

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