MIND, BODY & SOUL CLEANSE | Gain Clarity and Peace Within


This is a wonderfully calm spell which will cleanse your body, mind and soul of all blockages and negativity.  Everyday life can cause a build up of some nasty things in our soul which needs cleansing every now and again.  This spell will give you peace, harmony, tranquility, calmness, and make you feel rejuvenated.

For this spell, the Archangel Raphael will be envoked.

Archangel Raphael often works alongside Archangel Michael, cleansing negative energy in the physical and emotional body, but also in places where stagnant energy needs to be shifted. Archangel Raphael healing is of a loving kind and is generally focused on the mind, body and the spirit of animals and humans. The healing colour of green is linked to Archangel Raphael, so crystals such as Emerald or Malachite can be used to encourage a connection. Invoking Archangel Raphael meaning will give him permission to work with you and give healing where needed. Healing can appear as an actual change in pain (if physical) or peacefulness (if emotional), or Raphael will give you thoughts or ideas as to how you can get help. He will surround you with an emerald green light, promoting protection and healing.

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