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    We are currently offering our spell services to include a reasonably priced spell to accomodate you.  It is a great way to get the type of spell work on a budget if living paycheck to paycheck or have fallen on hard times.  

    Setting of Lights consists of using one fixed and activated 7-Day Vigil Candle of your choice.  After the candle is fixed and activated using oils and herbs, a petition with the desired outcome you are requesting to manifest in your life is to be placed underneath the candle during the extended time the for the candle to burn out.  The candle will remain lit consistently and will burn for approximately 4 to 6 days from the day the spell began.  

    Here are some examples of some of the different types of vigil candles we can set for you:

    7 African Powers
    Lucky 13

    Adam and Eve


    Better Business

    Black Cat

    Block Buster
    Boss Fix

    Break Up

    Bring Customers

    Cast Off Evil

    Chango Macho
    Chuparrosa (Hummingbird)

    Come Back To Me

    Come To me


    Court Case (Comes in White, Blue and Brown)
    Do As I Say
    Double Action Love
    Double Cross (Cross of Caravaca)
    Double Luck

    Dragon's Blood
    DUME (Death Unto My Enemies)

    Fast Luck
    Fast Money
    Find a Job
    Fire of Love

    Good Luck
    Healing Miracle
    House Blessing
    I Dominate My Man
    I Dominate My Woman
    Jinx Removing

    John the Conqueror

    Law Stay Away
    Love Drawing

    Love Me Now

    Money Drawing
    Nino of Atocha (for Courtcases and Victims of Crimes)

    Orisha Oshun

    Orisha Ogun

    Orisha Elegua

    Oriasha Chango

    Orisha Oya

    Orisha Yemaya
    Our Lady of Fatima

    Pay Me Now

    Peaceful Home
    Powerful Hand (aka Helping Hand) (Helps in All Matters)

    Protection Against Evil & Harm

    Protection Against Enemies

    Reversible Green/Black (Reverse a Money Jinx)

    Reversible Double Action; Red/Black (Reverse a Jinx or Love Jinx)
    Reversible White/Black (Reverse a General Jinx)

    Road Opener (Abre Camino - Open Your Opportunities)

    Run Devil Run (Takes Bad Luck or Evil Off)

    Santa Muerte (Holy Death)

    Shut Up

    Spell Breaker
    St. Anthony (Helps You Find Things Which Are Lost or Missing)
    St. Barbara (Protects Those with Dangerous Professions)
    St. Christopher (Protects Those Who Travel)

    St. Expedito (St Expedite - Speeds Up Spells)
    St. Francis of Assisi (Protector of Animals and Nature)
    St. Joseph (Property or Real Estate Issues)

    St. Jude (For Miracles and Lost Causes)

    St. Martha Dominator (To Dominate Someone)
    St. Michael (Protection for All)

    Steady Work
    Tobacco (for Courtcases)

    Uncrossing (Takes Off a Curse, Hex or Jinx)
    Virgin Mary of Guadelupe
    and More!



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