SPELL RE-CASTING RITUAL| 2nd Casting of Your Previous Spell


If you really want the maximum results you can get from your spell, I highly recommend this important add-on to your initial spell to enhance the power of your intention.

Braven came up with a way for our clients to be able to have a 2nd spell cast at a fraction of the cost.
With this option, he will be using the traditional Wicca way of spell casting for a "round two" of your initial Hoodoo Candle Spell you previously purchased. 

Also, with this 2nd spell casting your spells have the best chance for a quicker outcome. You will notice results almost immediately after a 2nd casting of a spell.  



    This spell is only available if purchased with or after purchase of one of our Hoodoo spells.   

    (This cannot be used with our Setting of Lights spells.  No exceptions!)


    Braven will be performing the 2nd round of spell work using the Wiccan path of witchcraft.  He has been practicing Wicca since the year 1991, and is extremely powerful.  Read his bio here on our "ABOUT" page.

    Also, with this 2nd spell casting you are allowing your spell to manifest quicker.  You will notice results almost immediately after a 2nd casting of a spell.


    We customize all rituals to fit your issue or situation which has led you to us.  There is a reason for everything, and there are no coincidences in life...so it was meant to happen.
    We try and schedule our spells as close to the time of payment as possible. We normally purchase our spell items in town, but sometimes specially-made candles and herbs are rare, hard-to find items which must be ordered online after your payment is made.
    Normally, it takes anywhere from 1 1/2 to 4 hours to prepare our spells.  This is due to the fact that we are very thorough and precise when choosing specific herbs and oils to be represented in your work.  it is not unusual for us to place 25 different types of oils and 10 to 15 different type herbs for your spell work.  We also sit down to write out your spell personally.  Then, we must carve your name, birth date and intention into each candle representing you, and also the same if there is another person to be added -- for instance, love spells primarily are with you and another person. 
    In order to perform your spell work, we will need the following items
    1. The name(s) of those persons who will be involved in the spell work.  This means you as well if you are to be included. 
    2. Birth Dates (Month, Date, and Year)
    3. Photos (Where the face can be seen clearly)
    We'll then carefully carve the names, birthdays and spell intention into it while blessing and activating the candle in the process.

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