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Danielin and Braven February
Houston, Texas
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Danielin began doing readings again after she gave in to overwhelming requests by her clients and friends. First she will ask you for your name, and also the name for whom you inquire about. Danielin undertakes a general 10-card Celtic Cross reading and then offers a down-to-earth to sometimes brutally honest approach to her readings. She demonstrates a deep empathy for others along with a compassionate mannerism which facilitates trust with a relaxing demeanor when you are most in need of someone who presents straightforward sincerity.  She specializes in providing support during times of uncertainty and crisis. She enjoys reading on family issues, personal crisis, love, and life's changes. For Danielin, it is very important to guide her clients on a realistic journey to get past their deepest worries and dive head-first into their hopes and dreams.  Danielin has a musical and artistic background.  She is self-taught with the Tarot, is very naturally intuitive, and has a quite interesting non-orthodox reading skill which has given her clients clarity and perspective, which most times gives them hope by lifting their spirits.  Her mission is to use her abilities for others who are unsure whether or not there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 


Please do not request a Tarot Card or Pendelum Readings if you are 18 year of age or under. All services are for entertainment purposes only.  Readings of any kind is NO substitute for medical, psychological, or professional treatment or advice or any kind. We are not responsible in any way for any results or outcome related to the services or products we provide for you.

*All sales for our services are final.  We do not offer refunds for Tarot Card Readings, Pendulum Readings or Spell Work.


All Things Blessed Be does not share customer information including emails, phone numbers, or postal mail addresses with anyone. It is not our policy to spam your email address, nor do we send unwanted postal mail. Any batch emails sent out will be only to notify customers of new services as well as special offers and sales. At any time, a customer may opt out of receiving such emails, the quickest way is to click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

    Tarot and Pendulum Readings